A simple text lane allows you to describe each step in more detail than a title lane. Like a title lane, you can also highlight specific steps with background colors.

What to use text lanes for

Text lanes can be used to further describe a persona's experience, e.g. through

  • "Description"
    What exactly is happening?
  • "KPIs"
    Data you already have to back up this step, sho the journey map becomes more and more research-based
  • "Problems"
    What's a current issue at this step? What's going wrong, what's breaking the experience?
  • "Ideas"
    How could you improve this step?
  • "Questions"
    What are the insecurities of this step? E.g., is the step assumption-based because there is not enough data?
  • "Jobs to be done"
    A job to be done helps you empathize with the persona. It's phrased as the following: When ... I want to ... so I can ...
  • "Time period"
    How much time does this step take? Is it repeating several times?
  • "Needs"
    What does the user really need in this moment?
  • "Wishes"
    What does the user wish to have in this moment?
  • "Risks and opportunities"
    What could make or break the experience if you make changes?
  • "Research insights"
    What can you learn from your own or third party research (e.g., psychology, UI design, ...) about this experience?

Integration with other tools 

You can use the text lane to link to external documents and resources.

  • Links to other documents
    Besides the file lane you can also use the text lane to add files and descriptions of the files. Also, you can link slide decks or single slides from slideshare.
  • Links to videos
    Add videos from video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and the like
  • Jira, Trello and other project management tools
    Include links to your Jira board, Epics and Issues to easily find the projects that are connected to a step. The same works with Trello boards and cards and many other project management tools.

Text editor

With the rich text editor you can write bold text, create a bullet point list, choose a larger font size, or mark up specific text parts in bright yellow.

Clear text lane content

To clear the content of a text lane:

1. Click on the avatar of the persona in the respective text lane

2. Select clear data

Delete single field in text lane

To delete a lane:

1. Click in the text field you want to delete

2. Use the trash icon on the lower right corner of the editor to delete the content